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One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy services is that people should look for therapy support when they are feeling overwhelmed, suffering from anger issues, mental abuse and other mental health matters. Contrary to popular belief, the best time to attend therapy is not when you are in a crisis or distress, but when everything is going well.

Individual Therapy is a great opportunity to address underlying mental health matters that while not severely impacting your mood and day-to-day life are still triggers of anxiety, trauma and depression that can lead to feeling overwhelmed. Approaching these triggers when everything is going well, helps build resilience and coping mechanisms, while also giving you the space to work through them when you have the tolerance to do so.

When things are not going well and you need immediate mental health first aid, individual therapy can work with you to develop coping mechanisms, identify your triggers, sources of stress, traumas and design a treatment plan that works best for your style and personality. Starting therapy at this stage means strengthening your coping and tolerance skills first, and then addressing the underlying triggers.

Whether you start therapy when everything is going well, or when you are in distress, a lot of important therapy work is done when you are not feeling as overwhelmed, and have the ability to have open conversations about your triggers and traumas. So even when things get better, and you stop feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, continuing therapy is an important part of mental health maintenance and wellbeing.

At Evölve we believe in the importance of promoting mental health wellbeing. This means reducing the impact that mental health distress can cause on the individual by preventively addressing mental health matters. Working with our therapists can help provide you with the tools you need to work through your day to day challenges without feeling overwhelmed. Individual therapy will also help you build confidence and resilience to move forward and think about your goals and your future.

Your therapist and mental health counselor is an ongoing member of your healthcare team and will be able to guide you through life challenges, changes, as well as underlying traumas, and mental health matters that have been repressed or were left unaddressed. Working with your therapist in individual therapy will help you become a stronger and more resilient individual.

At Evölve we also understand that life issues such as anxiety, depression, women or men’s issues, eating disorders, trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, abuse, addictions, anger, relationship challenges and other forms of mental health disturbances can quickly escalate into intense feelings and make you feel overwhelmed. Working with a mental health therapist at Evölve can reduce the impact of those emotions and stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

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