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Group Therapy Counselling Services

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which one or two therapists work with a number of clients simultaneously. The aims include relieving distress through discussing and expressing feelings; helping to change attitudes, behaviour and habits that may be unhelpful; and promoting more constructive and adaptive ways of coping. Some groups may focus on providing members with information about specific issues or teaching them coping skills.

How does Group Therapy​ work?

Therapy groups typically have up to 12 members and meet for two hours, usually weekly. The group members and leaders sit in a way that allows each person to see everyone else, usually in a circle format. The therapists at Evölve will guide the group process and provide structure.

Groups may be open or closed. In an open group, members may join at any time, while a closed group has a set start and end date.

Groups are formed around a shared issue. For example, group members may be living with a particular mental health concern (e.g., social anxiety, an eating disorder, an addiction), or dealing with a loss or other challenge (e.g., parenting difficulties, the mental illness or suicide of a family member).

As with other forms of psychotherapy, what is said in group therapy remains confidential, with certain exceptions. Group members are expected to respect other participants’ privacy by not disclosing their identity or discussing the content of sessions outside the therapy room. Therapists at Evölve make sure the group environment remains respectful and that all members feel safe, comfortable and free from harassment or discrimination.