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Trauma and PTSD Counselling Service

Trauma and PTSD including First Responder PTSD

Trauma is referred to as the condition whereby an individual experiences an extremely negative event either one time or multiple times. The event may include witnessing or experiencing a threat where they feel terrified or helpless. Trauma can occur as impersonal trauma, such as a car accident, interpersonal trauma, such as a physical assault, or attachment trauma, such as parental abandonment or neglect or physical, psychological, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse.

The Negative Effects of Trauma

There are often lasting negative effects caused by the trauma an individual experiences, such as nightmares, sleep disturbances, inability to regulate emotions, behavioural problems and relational issues with others around them that can escalate into psychological disorders of anxiety and depression, dissociation and PTSD. Without therapeutic treatment, the negative effects will continue to impact the individual’s life.

No one hides from the effects of trauma. It will affect me and it will affect you. When life trips us up and we fall, and break or bruise, it is critical to find the right help. At Evölve, we utilize proven strategies for trauma recovery and will provide an effective treatment plan to help you heal from trauma by providing you with emotional restructuring and a support system that will offer hope and strength.

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